Parc Hotel Paradiso & Golf Resort is a Paradise for Art

Four artists educated at "G. B. Cignaroli" Academy of Art in Verona are to display their works at the Active Hotel Paradiso & Golf in Peschiera del Garda, inside the "Il Pirlàr" restaurant. The opening will take place there on 6th July at 7:00 p.m. The works will be on display for a month, until the first days of August.

The artists whose works are on display are Elda Carli, Flavia Paolino, Lorenza Pellini and Paola Pradella.

Elda Carli was born in Ivrea and is based in Verona. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Modena's Academy. She has been holding for years classes in decorative plastic arts and ceramics at the People's University of Sona. She has displayed her works many times, being very versatile: she can work with haute couture as well as with traditional art forms such as sculpture and painting.

A painting by Lorenza Pellini
A painting by Lorenza Pellini

Flavia Paolino comes from Aprilia (Latina, near Rome), but has been based in Verona since 2006. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the "Cignaroli" Academy in Verona in 2008. She's an expert in set designing, but has also expanded her interests to drawing. Her preferred subjects are the faces of elderly people, whose expressivity and intensity she portrays with the drypoint technique.

Lorenza Pellini was born in Verona, where she is still based. Before being a painter, she worked in the furniture industry and tried watercolour drawing. Oil colours, which she spreads with a brush as well as with a palette knife, and even with her own hands, helped her to find her own style. She has been a pupil of Tavella school with professor Gianni Lollis' mentoring, and has taken part in many displays and contests.

Lastly, Paola Pradella, a drawing and painting teacher educated at the "Cignaroli" Academy, focuses her poetics on Native Americans' culture, on their spirituality and love for nature. She is a versatile artist and loves to use mixed media, such as deerskin, coloured beads or embroidery thread. Her recurring themes are the moon, the sun and the eyes.

By displaying works of art of local painters, Parc Hotels Italia wants to value the Veronese artistic talents. This initiative, at the same time, demonstrates the versatility of the Parc Hotel Paradiso & Golf Resort, which can accommodate conventions, art exhibition as well as any other kind of events.
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