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The history of Parc Hotels Italia starts with Germano Chincherini. The Italian entrepreneur born in 1937 in Limone sul Garda laid the foundations of his personal success in the Fifties. By the end of the Seventies, he managed to run dozens of properties all over Italy.

In the Eighties, Mr Chincherini decided to reorganise the company, thus laying the groundwork for the company known today as Parc Hotels Italia. Some hotels were sold, especially those who were leased, others were renovated. New hotels were built, which were characterized by a flair for detail and a large hospitality capacity.

In 2000, Germano Chincherini unexpectedly passed away in Sicily. From then on, his expertise was put to good use by his wife Ms Helena and his most trustworthy aides. In 2001, Ms Helena created a non-profit organization, the Germano Chincherini Foundation, to support the underprivileged people of Kenya and other emerging countries. In 2008, a new hotel was inaugurated, the Parc Hotel Germano in Bardolino (Verona), which his wife wanted to name after him.

Germano Chincherini

Our properties

Today, Parc Hotels Italia have 13 properties on Lake Garda and in Sicily, two among the most beautiful tourist destination in Italy.


Germano Chincherini Foundation is a non-profit organization established at the will of Mr Germano Chincherini, founder of Parc Hotels Italia hotel chain. The Foundation is committed to safeguard children’s rights in different areas in the world, operating in collaboration with other charitable organizations, while respecting local community values.


Parc Hotels Italia

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